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Exciting Update!! Cortissa is hosting a Rest & Restore Retreat April 26th.
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Tools to help you conquer life’s challenges joyfully

So glad you are here! We help companies, organizations, and churches engage with diversity and cultural ideologies in a way that encourages and builds people, instead of being negative and divisive.  Diversity has and continues to intimately shape our life experiences. Through both the sorrowful and glorious we have found joy in the process. Sharing our learning with others has become second nature. Our speaking, team facilitation, and videos focus on sharing simple truths, actionable steps, and 20+ years of stories, so groups can better recognize the unique contribution of each individual, grow their shared culture, and have some fun.


Celebrating Diversity and Unity

2Colors1Race exists to celebrate the amazing diversity in our world and build positive unity among people. There is an incredible power when diversity is united. This can be a challenging thing to obtain, especially in a social landscape that pushes a divisive and polarizing narrative. We partner with your team to help them understand how to process and dissect these types of messages. Additionally, we share simple truths to help build unity and strengthen your organization’s culture, making it a place everyone wants to be and stay. Our upcoming sessions and videos will help build environments where people feel valued and heard, so they can be their best.

Women's Ministry Events

Cortissa‘s teachings are like sitting down searching the Scriptures with a close friend over a cup of coffee. You will leave refreshed, renewed, and ready for battle!

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