Diversity with Unity. We exist to bring this simple, yet profound ideal to life. Through highlighting the uniqueness and influence diversity offers, we help organizations appreciate individuality. This appreciation sets the groundwork for building a cohesive group culture that harnesses the contributions of all. This is the foundation of our upcoming group sessions and videos. We scale with organizations to tackle many other areas including effectively implementing Diversity and Inclusion.

These topics are available for keynote, group facilitation, or breakout sessions. We do our best to honor your organization’s vision and tenets as we present these topics:

Diversity with Unity: celebrating our differences and building on our common ground

The current cultural narrative is contentious as it splits us into opposing groups. Instead of following this divisive story, it is important to learn and understand other’s individual stories and use them to build a stronger team. This session helps individuals take action against personal bias, while working to build a more inclusive and unified group culture. Through small group activities, group facilitation, and compelling stories attendees are empowered to take ownership in building a better organizational culture.

Cultural Ideologies: what are they really saying?

Critical Race Theory and other similar ideology have become part of popular culture and been absorbed into many organizations. Unfortunately, these theories are divisive and not grounded in truth, so people end up frustrated and confused. This course shares tools teams can use to breakdown cultural messaging, set aside unproductive doctrine, and work toward unifying and honoring all types of people.

Why 2Colors1Race

We have a passion to see people of differing views and backgrounds come together. We celebrate the great variety in our world. Conversely, we know it is challenging to navigate through the divisive, emotionally charged, mixed messages around diversity. We are a positive advocate in this space and have created a blog to take you along with us on our diversity journey.

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We look forward to connecting with you. Share with us your diversity journey. We also love hearing your comments, questions and feedback.

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