I had the privilege of hearing Cortissa speak at a women’s conference. It is evident that she has the gift of teaching. From Scripture to personal stories I learned so much. I am sure others will be equally blessed through her calling of communicating Biblical truths.

Sherry H

Women’s Ministry

Cortissa works with women’s groups teaching them God’s Word and encouraging them to draw closer to the Lord.

Exciting Update!! Cortissa is hosting a Rest & Restore Retreat April 25th.
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Working with Cortissa to headline our annual women’s retreat was absolutely seamless! We had one planning conversation to discuss the core scripture and goals for the women’s retreat, and Cortissa delivered beautifully. Her speaking topic was centered on sound theology, she taught through the scripture in a simple manner, and her personal stories were relatable and relevant. The ladies enjoyed her so much, they gave us feedback that they wish they had more time with her! It’s super refreshing to be able to trust a female speaker to teach exegetically through the biblical text. We highly recommend Cortissa as we know your women will love her and learn a ton from her!

Melissa L

Women's Ministry Leader, The Journey Church

Cortissa’s Topics for Women’s Ministries and Other Events:

The below speaking topics have been developed over years of studying God’s Word. These topics have inspired Cortissa in her life and she is excited to bring these truths to you as well. All topics are customizable to align with your event and work well as keynote or breakout sessions.


Psalm 46 shows us how in times of trial and hardship we can have peace and hope in God as our helper, refuge, and strength. Cortissa shares captivating examples from one of the most sorrowful, faith challenging, and wearisome seasons of her life. She highlights how dwelling with God and the truth of His Word made all the difference. As you search the Scriptures with her you will see how abiding with God is an intentional act of both rest and work.

Fully Free and Full of Christ

“A guide to showing Jesus as incomparable glorious”

How do we more accurately reflect the glory of God? When we live as people who are truly free our responses to life look different than that of the world.  We humbly love people without reservation and respond to the uncertainties of life with a peace that surpasses all understanding. Cortissa will show how 1 Peter describes what it looks like to live in a way that illuminates the truth of who Jesus is and the sacrifice He made for us. In this truth, we are able to live free and show Him as incomparably glorious.

Embrace Obedience and Lay Aside Regret

We desire to obey God and be fully submitted to His will. Yet, our flesh consistently struggles to look past the immediate circumstances to the eternal benefits that come from walking in true surrender to Christ. Using Scriptures throughout the New Testament, learn how to obey when your heart says yes, but your will says no. Faithful obedience requires a continual process of sanctification and it starts with where we focus our mind.

Stay ready, so you don't have to get ready

“A Foundation built on the Rock of Ages”

We know trials in this life are inevitable. There is always a new difficulty on the horizon. Explore with Cortissa how to avoid getting caught off guard by challenges. Study how to become prepared and fruitful during these seasons, so you are not capsized by the storms of life.

Blurred Lines: Navigating Current Cultural Perspectives from a Biblical Worldview

In our relativistic society it is imperative that our worldview is based on the authoritative, inerrant, and objective truth of Scripture. Our worldview determines what we believe about important subject matters, which in turn dictates how we respond and make decisions. This session reveals how to use the foundation of a Biblical worldview to properly evaluate cultural ideologies in light of Scripture. This will equip your group to better engage in the market place of ideas and more effectively share the gospel.

Countering the Social Narrative: How to Live as ONE in Christ

The current cultural narrative is divisive and tells us we must perform certain steps to be reconciled to one another. In Ephesians 2, it says we are already reconciled to God and each other through the blood of Christ. Cortissa teaches how this significant Biblical reality equips us to demonstrate unity in our families, churches, workplaces, and communities. Cortissa has championed this powerful truth for over 20 years in her marriage and the predominately white communities she has lived.

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I had the opportunity to attend the women’s retreat at our church at which I heard Cortissa speak for the first time.  She was very personable and relatable which made you feel like you were sitting down one on one with her over a cup of coffee.  I especially liked how she wove her life experiences and scriptures together to make the Word of God applicable to everyday life. She did a great job of teaching on the focal passage of scripture. I appreciate her enthusiasm and passion for the Word and her desire to ignite that same enthusiasm and passion in fellow believers.  I recommend that when you get an opportunity to listen to Cortissa that you do so, for I am positive that you will be blessed and encouraged in your walk with the Lord.

Yvieta U

Listening to Cortissa is like a breath of fresh air. She speaks the truth without distortion, yet keeps it simple and very applicable to so many aspects of real daily life. As a mom, it was so refreshing to hear her challenges to prioritize time with the Lord in the mess of everyday life.

Amber W

I had the privilege of sitting under a message delivered by Cortissa in October 2021 at our church’s annual womens retreat. The focus this year was on the word Dwell. She started us with the basic question: what does it mean to dwell? She then went into a beautiful teaching line by line of Psalm 46. Cortissa walked through the characteristics of dwelling, how God is always with us, how God is always faithful and finally how we can be still and know God. This phrase she said truly struck my heart being a mom of 3 and always feeling the endless tension of the to-do list and commitments: “Rest in His ability to do the impossible instead of my inability to do everything perfectly.” She encouraged us that being in His Word is essential. That time with Him allows you to gain in effectiveness, peace and purpose. I cannot recommend Cortissa enough in her genuine passion for the Lord. I can’t wait to hear her speak in the future.

Christy H

I had the honor of hearing Cortissa speak at a Women’s fall retreat. She brings biblical principles to what we are experiencing on a daily basis to every age through laughter and tears. She speaks from her own experiences as a woman of profound faith. She was engaging, personable and she delivered a beautiful, relatable message! She shares from the heart about her life trials and leads everyone to focus on Christ through their own trials. I highly recommend Cortissa.

Tammy G

Cortissa brought our call to Dwell in the Lord to life with her humor, vulnerability and straight up Bible teaching. I enjoyed gleaning from her many nuggets of truth that can only be from someone who has walked with the Lord through many seasons. Not only did I learn, but I was challenged to put into practice the call to dwell in the Lord by making sure I was in the Word every single morning. Realizing daily accountability could help us, a friend and I invited some other ladies to join us as we studied James on the Bible app where we could discuss too. I’m so grateful that Cortissa’s teaching spurred me on to actively pursue dwelling in the Lord by being in the word!

Laura D

While attending the women’s retreat at TJC, I had the opportunity to hear Cortissa Scheiderich speak. Her story, while heart breaking, proved to be uplifting and showed Cortissa to be a woman of great faith, strength and courage. In the midst of very disheartening news, Cortissa looked to our Lord for her strength. It is these times when we most need our Lord to carry us through life’s always changing story. She trusted her faith in our Lord and accepted His will, not hers for her life. She is a woman who I am in awe of, I admire her faith and character and am proud to know her and call her my friend.

Cindy F